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Meet the Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®)

Boilers play a big part in the climate crisis. Switch to one powered by a cleaner alternative – electricity.

Meet the ZEB

Looking to reduce your environmental impact? The ZEB uses electricity to supply your heating, charging up and storing most of the heat your home requires at off-peak times. This can make it a more cost-effective and cleaner option compared to existing boilers.

Cut Emissions

Powered by electricity, the ZEB is a cleaner alternative to your existing boiler as it doesn’t release any pollution directly and it stores heat at the greenest times.


The ZEB stores most of the heat your home requires during off-peak times to be used on demand, keeping electricity costs low.

Easy to Install

The ZEB is a direct replacement for your existing boiler, meaning installation typically takes only 1-2 days and requires minimal changes to the home.

Smart & Flexible

The ZEB intelligently stores the right amount of heat based on your needs, the weather and your tariff. It can also be controlled from anywhere with our tepeo App.

Want to know if the ZEB is right for you?

Contact us for more information about the ZEB and the installation process.

What customers say about the ZEB

"The ZEB is a great product which we are very pleased to have replaced our gas boiler. Our house is as warm as it ever was with the old boiler and we have much more control over its operation. Tepeo have been excellent in all aspects during and since our installation in April this year."

Peter Gilfeather, customer (via Trustpilot)

"The ZEB was installed neatly and easily in our cupboard under the stairs. Through last winter we stayed warm and let the ZEB do it’s thing with choosing the cheapest and greenest times to charge overnight. Customer support from tepeo has been great and the app is very user friendly"

SJ Ren, customer (via Trustpilot)