Understanding Low-Carbon Heating Systems

A Low-Carbon Heating System operates by utilising energy from renewable and sustainable sources such as the sun, wind, or naturally occurring energy like hydro-power, without relying on fossil fuels such as gas or oil.

As we gradually shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, electrified heating becomes synonymous with renewable heating. The National Grid ESO is preparing Great Britain’s electricity system to run purely on zero-carbon electricity by 2025, making electrified heating systems even cleaner in time.

Why is this Transition Important for Your Business?

The writing is on the wall for gas central heating. From 2025 as defined by the Future Homes Standard, new homes will no longer be heated by gas or oil. For existing homes, there are plans to gradually phase out replacement combustion boilers. 

Hydrogen-ready boilers aren’t the answer for home heating

The prospect of converting the natural gas grid to hydrogen to power a new generation of hydrogen-ready combustion boilers is looking increasingly unlikely (with a final decision being made in 2026) however the community trials at Ellesmere Port and Redcar have recently been abandoned so it is not looking like a realistic option.

Heat Pumps are being widely promoted as the leading technology, are they really?

Air source heat pumps that work with central heating systems in particular are being pushed by policy and market mechanisms. However, they are arguably not ideal choices for all situations because of aspects including external space, a low flow temperature radiator system and the need for continuous heat output. Your customers may be used to high flow temperatures and intermittent heating, and value a choice of technologies and appliances that meet their needs and preferences. 

The tepeo ZEB has been engineered to enable Gas boiler replacement and Electric boiler installation to be carried out in a rapid and straightforward manner. 

ZEB® stands out from other low-carbon electrified technologies for its ability to utilise renewable energy sources and off-peak periods, helping you make the most of time-of-use tariffs and minimise energy costs. It operates as an energy-storing “battery,” which maximises consumption of available renewable energy, and helps the national electricity grid to get even cleaner and lower cost! It is a like-for-like exchange for a 15kW heat only boiler, it runs at the same flow temperatures and flow rates as regular boilers; meaning the existing central heating and radiators can be retained with no requirement to upsize radiators or renew cylinders. 

Professional boiler installers and  heating engineers like you can make the transition to low-carbon heating happen.


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Author: Rob Whitney IEng MIET | tepeoPRO Network Lead