Based in Surrey, Wire My Heating specialises in installing, maintaining and servicing electric boilers. With over 16 years of experience as a heating engineer, Dave Paine started the company five years ago after seeing a growing request for products that could utilise the excess energy from customers’ solar panels.

We sat down with him to talk about his experience of working with tepeo and our Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®).

Have you seen a change in the heating systems your customers are asking for? 

A lot of my customers now have solar panels so they want to utilise as much energy from the sun as possible and they’re going down the route of installing electric boilers. The ZEB offers an alternative to a direct electric boiler as it utilises cheap energy at night, stores it like a thermal battery, and releases it as and when the thermostat calls for it.

What is the installation process of a ZEB like? 

The pre-installation process with tepeo is very straightforward, and since working with them I’ve found the whole team very welcoming. They invited me down to their headquarters to do some training and they were there to support me on the first installation. The installation itself was very simple, the old boiler came out, I put the new ZEB in, and attached it to the existing system as is. It’s a very straightforward swap. I have no reservations about installing a ZEB or offering it to my customers. It’s a very good product, I haven’t had any issues with any of the installations I’ve done. For me, I do all the electrics and plumbing myself, so it’s a two-day installation. If you’ve got a company that’s got their own electrician, their own plumber, then you can get it done in a day.  

How do you find the tepeo App? 

You don’t get apps like it with any other boilers, and it helps commissioning go very smoothly. You just follow the step by step of commissioning. 

How do you find working with tepeo?

 I’ve been working with tepeo since November 2022 and I’ve come to know them very well. They’re very helpful, if you have any questions there’s dedicated support and you can ask them anything. They are a good group of people, very warm, and very welcoming. You need that relationship when you’re installing boilers in people’s houses. One of the good things about tepeo is the two-way referral – I recommend the ZEB to my customers and tepeo recommends customers who need a ZEB installed to me, so it’s a good balance.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a tepeoPRO? 

Any heating engineer thinking of becoming a tepeoPRO installer, jump on board! They’re a good company, they offer good aftercare to the client, which takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders when you finish the job. They’re there supporting you, a good company to deal with. 

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Author: Shannon Garner | Marketing Executive